Daily Life

My thoughts on wine

As a nutritional counselor, I get the question all the time on my views on drinking wine. So I decided to get my thoughts in order and take a few minutes to talk about that! In general, I think the word that sticks closely to my heart as I teach...

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Why Do We Believe Lies?

There are many voices we hear everyday; voices from social media, television and, of course, from other people. These voices try and tell us who we should be and what is acceptable: look like this, act like this, believe this and buy this! These voices press themselves into the corners...

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Top Five Favorites: May

Whew! May has been a whirlwind month but I’ve still been enjoying lots of delicious and healthy food and I even found a few new favorites. So I thought I’d put together a list of things I’ve been loving recently to share with you. Here are my top five favorites...

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The Sun Will Shine Again

Sometimes in life we feel unsettled.  This can be uncomfortable and for the most part, no one enjoys that feeling.  The difficulty is that many times we do not take the time to unpack our feelings, working our way to the root cause.  Without getting to the “bottom of it”...

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New Beginnings

I am a fan of new beginnings. I love to wake up refreshed every morning knowing it is a new beginning to a new day with new things to unfold and experience. I love new relationships…getting to know one another and unfolding our life stories. I love new clients…who reveal...

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Goji Berries

Maca Powder