Self Care

Balancing Discipline with Grace

  I have been thinking a lot this month about boundaries in my personal life and that has also pushed me to think about boundaries with food and how connected that is to my wellness in general. I interact with people from all spectrums that are struggling with overeating, undereating...

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Listen To Your Body

When I review the Seven Steps to Balanced Eating with a new client, the very first step is to “Listen to Your Body”. Often I can tell they get a little confused by this concept and I don’t blame them. The fast-paced way of living in this current culture often...

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Intentions vs. Resolutions

Let’s talk about New Year resolutions. I’m sure many of you have these clattering around in your head right about now. There are things you want to change about your life in the coming year and of course, the most popular one is dieting for weight loss. I need to...

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Daily Intentions

I have written already in a previous blog post about my Morning Rituals.   One of my most important rituals is setting daily intentions. I have been asked quite a bit about this part of my morning so I thought it would be important for me to share why and how I...

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Morning Coffee Ritual

I love starting my day with coffee! It is not so much about the caffeine for me but as it is starting the day with some intentional me time. Coffee is a big part of the slow pace of my morning, the space it inhabits is so important to me...

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Morning Rituals

I believe the way we begin our morning can set the tone for the entire day. I have found my morning rituals to really set the foundation for a peaceful and productive day. I rely greatly on my calm mornings to help give me perspective on anything I might be...

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Why Do We Believe Lies?

There are many voices we hear everyday; voices from social media, television and, of course, from other people. These voices try and tell us who we should be and what is acceptable: look like this, act like this, believe this and buy this! These voices press themselves into the corners...

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The Sun Will Shine Again

Sometimes in life we feel unsettled.  This can be uncomfortable and for the most part, no one enjoys that feeling.  The difficulty is that many times we do not take the time to unpack our feelings, working our way to the root cause.  Without getting to the “bottom of it”...

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Goji Berries

Maca Powder