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Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

  I made this page to link all my recipes I think would make fantastic additions to your Thanksgiving table! Sometimes I will swap traditional Thanksgiving side out for one of my versions. I also like to make some extra sides I know will fit with the nutritional guidelines I...

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Guest post: “Finding Sanctuary Within This”

  This is an excerpt from a book my friend is working on. She shared this writing with me after working on some art for my office space. With her permission, we are sharing it here today. Enjoy! Her words will ring true for so many of you!   October...

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Friday Favorites: October

  I am so excited to be sharing some Friday Favorites with you again.  I really feel like it is so important to have a well-stocked kitchen and I wanted to share a few more of my favorite cooking essentials with you.  All of these are products that I use...

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Top Five Favorites: Kitchen Appliances

  I am asked on a regular basis what I use in my kitchen.  This, I hope, is the first of many of these posts because I believe a well-stocked kitchen is a useable kitchen and there are just so many items that can make our lives much easier when...

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Healthy Entertaining

  Summer is the perfect time for outdoor entertaining! There are so many opportunities to enjoy people’s company and eat delicious food together. With extended daylight hours and what seems like a more relaxed schedule, we seem to have many more porch nights that extend late into the evening.   With...

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Friday Favorites at the Farmer’s Market

  If you are local to Richmond, this post will help you a lot when it comes to shopping at the farmers market. These are some of my personal favorite vendors but to be honest there are amazing farmers all over the place here now! It’s amazing to see people...

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Friday Favorites: Spring Edition

  Spring is here!!!! Friday favorites are back for my special Spring edition. The sun is shining and I think we all feel a bit more invigorated and well. I’m excited to share these 5 things that I feel make life more enjoyable and bring joy to the everyday!  ...

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Travel Tips for Health

  The biggest struggle for me when it comes to traveling is immunity. My body is very sensitive and when I am not on my normal schedule of eating, sleep and exercise my immunity is always compromised. While you are traveling it is very difficult to know what you will...

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Why I Teach

Every time I teach or counsel I have an opportunity to be a witness in a person’s life. That is an incredible privilege and I am honored I get to do this for my work. Change doesn’t always happen all at once, (although those “ah hah!” moments are so exciting),...

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Gatherings and Hospitality

There are very few things that feed my heart and soul in the way the hosting a gathering in my home does. It is an aspect of who I am and it is even part of my self-care. While it is true there are lots of things I like to...

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Goji Berries

Maca Powder