Top Five Favorites: July

It’s hard to believe that we are at the end of July already, but it’s the last Friday in July and I want to keep sharing with you my top five favorite things! I have had so many summertime adventures and am looking forward to a few more in the month of August. I love hearing from my friends and family what they have been experiencing as well. What has been your favorite summertime activity or adventure so far? I would love for you to share that with us! These are my top five favorites for this month, hope you enjoy.

1. Airbnb’s.

I just got back from a beautiful road trip to the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina with my Dad. We have family there and just had a blast with everyone. Although my family is amazing and would have hosted us, I really wanted some extra quiet time with my Dad, so we decided to rent an Airbnb. I was also excited because this meant I would be able to cook some of my own food. The biggest difficulty for me when traveling is the ability to eat the way my body needs to feel good. I get really discouraged at times when traveling because I end up not feeling well if I eat out the whole time. If you have a chronic illness or sensitive digestion, you will understand exactly what I am talking about. I need to try and maintain my dietary standards as much as possible if I am going to be able to have fun! This is one of the reasons I love Airbnb’s, the experiences I’ve had have been terrific. They are much cheaper than a hotel and I have more freedom to prepare some food.

(Picture taken last fall)

2. Purely Elizabeth grain-free granola.

I am packing for a trip to Grand Cayman and plan to leave plenty of room in my suitcase for travel food. One of those foods is Purely Elizabeth’s Coconut Cashew grain-free granola. It is loaded full of nuts and seeds, sweetened with coconut sugar (which is low glycemic) and so delicious you can eat it right out of the package. I will be taking their oatmeal as well which is easy to make with the hot water from the coffee maker in the hotel room. I love having a few staples with me on these trips. Give their products a try. They are a favorite for sure! You can find their products at any health food store and I have seen a couple of their items at Target and Kroger.

3. Spindrift blackberry sparkling water.

For me, this water just tastes like summer! When I come inside from working in the garden or finishing up a hike with the pups this is my go-to beverage. It is so sparkly and refreshing and I just love it. I used to drink La Croix but it caused a lot of bloating and I also had a bit of acid reflux from it. Spindrift has a tiny bit of fruit juice in it but is not sweet and does not affect me the same way La Croix did. It is also a very pretty color and looks great in a wine glass! They have lots of different flavors, my second favorite is lemon and I really love the grapefruit as well. I have been purchasing them at Trader Joes and Costco.

4. Three Hens handmade “Coffee House” soy candle.

Sian’ is an amazing candlemaker and not only do I love her products but she has such an incredible spirit. She carries joy wherever she goes. These are soy candles with a cotton wick so they are clean burning, which means they won’t leave soot and nasty chemicals in the air. I have been carrying her candles in my shop for sale since January but I have been buying from her on fall line farms for a few years now. The “coffee house” candle is my favorite and I also love the rustic lodge scent! Come on by the herb shop I have in front of my office and pick one up for yourself or as a gift. They are fantastic!!

5. Linden herbal infusion.

For those of you who have attended my classes, you’ve already heard me talk about how much I love my herbal infusions. They are so nourishing to the body and have been a life changer for me. I even did a whole post on my website and shared several recipes if you want to check it out. My favorite has been Nettle for its sustainable energy but Linden has really been an ally for me when it comes to inflammation. I do struggle with chronic pain due to scoliosis, which is why yoga and walking are so much a part of my life; Linden has helped tremendously with the inflammation in the surrounding tissues. I am so thankful for the knowledge I have in treating myself holistically. I love teaching all about herbs and how they work so if you find yourself like I did some years back; struggling, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me here

I hope you enjoyed reading about all my favorite things for this month! It’s been a busy one but I’m still finding time to set aside to take care of my body. Don’t forget this my friends.

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