Balanced Eating

Healthy Entertaining

  Summer is the perfect time for outdoor entertaining! There are so many opportunities to enjoy people’s company and eat delicious food together. With extended daylight hours and what seems like a more relaxed schedule, we seem to have many more porch nights that extend late into the evening.   With...

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All about herbs: Linden

  Linden is a wonderful herb to use in an infusion. You can read about how to make an infusion in my post here. Not all herbs should be infused so do your research or consult an herbalist before you infuse something new. Linden is incredibly helpful for those who...

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The Importance of Meal Prep

Most of you probably have heard of or understand that meal prep is important to maintaining a healthy eating plan. I’m sure you’ve seen it done in a lot of different ways and maybe you just have never been able to get it done yourself. I want to challenge and...

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Why Eat Raw Food?

Raw food has been a hot topic since I started studying nutrition over 30 years ago and I’m sure it was popular far before then. There are varying schools of thought as to whether you should eat vegetables in their raw form or whether they are better for you cooked....

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Why Healthy Fats Are So Important In Your Diet

I am a big believer in a diet that is supported by healthy fats.  I know that our bodies do so much better when we fuel from fat instead of processed sugar which is found in many of the breads and snacks here in the US. Our bodies simply do not...

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The Importance of Clean Protein

I know that there is a daunting amount of information out there about how to eat. There are also lots of diets that advocate a one size fits all approach to eating and eliminate entire food groups. That’s not what I am about. I am bringing you some simple nutrition...

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All about Herbs: Red Clover

Herbs and herbal remedies are fascinating to me. When I studied for my Master of Herbology, I was struck with the abundance of remedies that can be found in the natural world. I’ve always been into herbs but in recent years I’ve gained even more knowledge and it’s been wonderful...

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Top 10 Nutrient Dense Baking Ingredients

I want to begin this short article with a disclaimer…there are just some recipes where white flour and white sugar should not be replaced…why? Because just the memories alone from a good Martha Stewart sugar cookie is nourishing…right??? Some of my old recipes from childhood will always remain the same...

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Eating with Grace not Perfection

As I was meeting with my sweet client this morning…her thoughts constantly went back to all she had not done between our visits. I felt her discouragement, yet, I had noticed such a change in her attitude towards food and in her daily habits since we had begun our sessions...

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Goji Berries

Maca Powder