Morning Coffee Ritual

I love starting my day with coffee! It is not so much about the caffeine for me but as it is starting the day with some intentional me time. Coffee is a big part of the slow pace of my morning, the space it inhabits is so important to me because it’s another one of those things in life that nourishes me in a different way. Allow me to explain.

Coffee for me is reserved for my first moments in the day when I take a breath and contemplate not only what happened the day before but what lies ahead for me. I don’t really drink coffee “on the go”. My personal rule of thumb is that when I am drinking my coffee I am to enjoy it in peace and quiet. I do nothing else but sip and get lost in my thoughts. This could take up to a half an hour some mornings. I love slow mornings and this allows me time to enter my day with peace.

I know there are many mixed views on the health of coffee mostly because of the caffeine. Regardless of all the information out there, I would say that if you are just enjoying a cup or two in the morning and really love it, then it is nourishing! Coffee is one of those simple joys I feel you should not have to deprive yourself of. Now, if you feel you are addicted to caffeine then a reset might be in order but that is up to the individual person. I am always here to help my clients figure out if caffeine is affecting their hormone balance and gut health.

Also, there are many ways in which you can make your coffee more nutrient dense and less acidic. There are bulletproof coffee recipes out there that incorporate MCT oil and collagen. The particular way I make my coffee is a bit simpler than all that.

First of all, I use half caffeinated coffee by a local roaster by the name of Black Hand. It is their Half n Half blend and I love it. The only reason I don’t drink decaffeinated coffee is that is can lack flavor but this blend is not missing out on any flavor. I love it!

Secondly, to counterbalance the acidity in coffee, I add about a tablespoon of raw cream and 1 tsp. of ghee. Especially because I drink my coffee first thing, these fats not only protect my stomach lining, they provide fuel to my body and also help to compensate for any shifts in my blood sugar due to the caffeine.

The last thing I add is ½ tsp. of Reishi Mushroom powder. Reishi is a medicinal mushroom and an adaptogen which helps your body adapt to any stress and helps to normalize any body processes. Reishi helps my body to resume balance from any negative effects coffee might have on it.

I put all this in my Vitamix blender and blend just for a few seconds. It comes out creamy and frothy like a latte and tastes amazing.

I encourage you to think about why you like coffee and what it gives you. I think for many people it’s not just about the caffeine, coffee represents time with friends or just time with yourself. Take it! Take the timeout for you first thing. When you take a moment with your coffee and allow it to be nourishing to you in other ways you may realize you need less of it. Make it a moment you will remember throughout your entire day and something to look forward to each morning.

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