Top Five Favorites: August


1. Mocktails
Lately, I have really been enjoying some fun mocktails during the week. I don’t eat much sugar so I made up a few recipes using stevia that I LOVE! The two that I am enjoying at the moment are: The Calypso Mojito and The Calming Lemon Tonic #2.
The Calypso Mojito recipe is: The juice of 1 ½ limes muddled with mint adding some crushed ice, coconut La Croix and about ¼ teaspoon of Stevia. Stir and enjoy.
The Calming lemon Tonic #2 has its name because it is the new and improved version of the #1.
This recipe: Juice of 1 ½ lemons muddled with lavender adding some crushed ice, lemon Spindrift (or Perrier) and ¼ teaspoon Stevia. Garnish well and you have a very pretty drink with next to no calories, sugar or side effects! Cheers!!!

2. Crochet
I am loving crochet! I bought myself the Crochet Stitch Dictionary that has lots of great directions and with a little help from YouTube, I am learning!!!  Now, I have had to start over a lot but I am excited about this new project. I have tried my hand at some dishcloths and plan to make some cute baskets and also a market bag. Watch out! Some of you might be getting my little handmade crafts for Christmas!

3. Tuna
I forgot how much I liked tuna! With all the traveling I have been doing there have been many days where the fridge was empty and I have had to resort to what is in the pantry. Back behind all the cans of tomato sauce was a lonely can of Wild Plant, Wild Caught Tuna. I added a bit of Avocado Oil Mayo, lemon infused olive oil, green onions, lemon zest, juice of one lemon and some tomato from my garden. All I needed was a fork and in moments it was gone. Guess what I am having today for lunch? This time I added cucumber. YUM!

4. The sound of a fan
I cannot tell you how serene and peaceful it is to me to be in a room where a box fan is running. For one thing, it drowns out the sound of everything else that might be going on around me and it also has a soothing sound that feels like I am sitting by a running stream.  I don’t have a special fan…..I have a cheap box fan you can find in any hardware store. I put it on the 2nd setting and it makes my heart happy.   I do have to say that there are others in my household that don’t share my admiration for the box fan, (you can just ask my husband) especially while we are watching TV. Yet, they tolerate my habits!

5. My last Friday favorite is the Honeysuckle and Orange Blossom candle by Three Hens.
I know I have shared her candles with you before but I love Sian’ and she puts so much of herself into the making of these candles and the scents. These are clean burning soy candles with lead-free wicks. I brought this one home from my little herb shoppe and am just trying to soak up all the summer I can before I start burning my Coffeehouse and Apple Spice candles in the fall. I only have a few left in my shop before we stock all the fall scents.  Burning candles makes for a “homey” feeling in your home. That’s another thing I love!

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