Top Five Favorites: May

Whew! May has been a whirlwind month but I’ve still been enjoying lots of delicious and healthy food and I even found a few new favorites. So I thought I’d put together a list of things I’ve been loving recently to share with you. Here are my top five favorites for May: 


  1. My newest obsession is Lemon Olive Oil from Olive Oil Taproom. I use it for salads, salsas, guacamole and just about everything…love it!

2. Simple Mills Rosemary Sea Salt crackers. These are the best crackers I have ever had hands down and they are grain free! I don’t exclude grain from my diet but love to have balance in what I’m eating, these crackers are so satisfying and help keep grain out of my snacking. I’ve been eating them right out of the box honestly. The serving size is 17 crackers, so you can have a lot! They are full of healthy fats and fiber so I feel great about eating them.

3. Siete Coconut and Cassava tortillas: Again, I don’t exclude grain from my diet but I try to have grain at only one meal a day. I just love a good taco and can use these for my breakfast taco, carnitas for dinner or just a wrap for lunch with some veggies and salsa verde. They are so yummy and I don’t miss the flour tortilla at all. I linked them here directly from their website but you can also find them on Amazon.

4. Salsa Verde: I have been making my salsa verde recipe every week so far in May. It’s a great way to use up fresh herbs. I put this on just about everything: salad, eggs, meat or just as a dip for veggies. The flavor is awesome. I also get in my greens and healthy fats with fiber from the nuts. Love it!!

5. Fruit Waters: Warm weather means I need to be drinking a ton of water. A beautiful, inviting pitcher of fruit water helps me remember to drink more, plus I feel fancy! Love the subtle flavors of fruit and herbs in the water. My favorite combo right now is Strawberry and basil. Both from my garden!!

Hope you enjoy these products and recipes! I have been using them on repeat all month. Cheers.




2 thoughts on “Top Five Favorites: May

  1. Sue Gleeson

    I’ve been making the salsa verde – WOW so delicious! Everyone loves it, especially on any kind of meat. It really livens things up taste-wise. I’ve got a huge container of it in my fridge now. Thanks!


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