Friday Favorites: October

I love Fall so here are my top five favorites that all have to do with this incredible season! 1. My first favorite is the book “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voscamp- I have read this book before but I really needed its reminders to embrace all the Thanksgiving and...

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Listening to your body when it comes to movement

Exercise, like diet, is a tricky subject these days. There are so many opinions as to which is the best for your health and passions can run high. There are many reasons to exercise besides the fact that our body needs movement: strength and muscle tone, weight loss, sense of...

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Eating with Grace not Perfection

As I was meeting with my sweet client this morning…her thoughts constantly went back to all she had not done between our visits. I felt her discouragement, yet, I had noticed such a change in her attitude towards food and in her daily habits since we had begun our sessions...

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Friday Favorites: September

1. My office space: My work journey has been amazing these last couple of years. I went from working in my home to sharing a space with some dear friends to the quiet office space I have now in Bon Air. I am sitting here right now with my Chinese...

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My food journey Part 2: “The gift of healing”

Besides struggling with disordered eating for most of my college years and into adulthood I had also struggled with a poor digestion for most of my life. I was overwhelmed by quite a bit of anxiety which made matters worse. In college, I kept a bottle of Pepto Bismol on...

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Top Five Favorites: August

  1. Mocktails Lately, I have really been enjoying some fun mocktails during the week. I don’t eat much sugar so I made up a few recipes using stevia that I LOVE! The two that I am enjoying at the moment are: The Calypso Mojito and The Calming Lemon Tonic...

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Listening to Your Body When It Comes To Dairy

Dairy can be a hot button issue whether you stay away from it completely, or you can’t imagine a life without cheese. Both sides feel very passionate about their stance.  For me, I realized over time that dairy was causing me problems. How did I know that? I realized that...

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Daily Intentions

I have written already in a previous blog post about my Morning Rituals.   One of my most important rituals is setting daily intentions. I have been asked quite a bit about this part of my morning so I thought it would be important for me to share why and how I...

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All about Herbs: Nettle

As I’ve been talking here a lot about balanced eating and how to help your body heal itself naturally, but I would love to also share more with you about my passion for Herbology. I am fast becoming known as the crazy herb lady and I love it! I realize...

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Goji Berries

Maca Powder