Friday Favorites: October

I love Fall so here are my top five favorites that all have to do with this incredible season!

1. My first favorite is the book “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voscamp- I have read this book before but I really needed its reminders to embrace all the Thanksgiving and Gratitude of this season. I find that I can get on the negative track of thinking very quickly so this book is so eye opening to the power of thankfulness. I highly recommend it!!

2. Gluten-free Pumpkin Pancake mix at Trader Joes- Ok so this is where is where I claim “balance” in my eating because I do not use very many packaged foods at all but someone recommended this mix to me and I cannot say enough about it! It is incredible! The pumpkin flavor is perfect in my opinion and you just can’t eat these without a huge smile on your face. I had them smothered in ghee and maple syrup and they were amazing!!! I hope you can still find them at your local Trader Joe’s because their pumpkin products sell out pretty quickly.

3. Autumn Spice Candle from Three Hens Candles-  I love Sian’, the maker of Three Hens Candles, and her scents are amazing. She just delivered 6 new fall scents to my shop and I am currently burning Autumn Spice while working and I love it! If you love all the spices that Thanksgiving brings then this is the candle for you. I have a few left for sale in my shop or you can order them on Fall Line Farms. I love supporting small, local businesses and Sian’ deserves all the accolades

4. Grain Free Pumpkin Muffins– If you have not seen this recipe on my website you might want to take a look. These muffins are so good and give you all the healthy fats and fiber you need for energy but also all the incredible nutritional values of pumpkin. You will not be missing one thing at all by not using grain in this recipe. My friends were so surprised at how good they were considering that they were “healthy”. Give them a try!!

5. Roasted Chicken- I just had to put this on my list of favorites because I am making one tonight for dinner. It is such a simple recipe. I coat the skin with olive oil, salt and pepper and then stuff the chicken with rosemary and 2 lemon halves. I roast it at 350 degrees until the meat of the thigh registers 165 on an instant read thermometer. Halfway through the roasting process, I will add onions, sweet potato chunks and carrots to the roasting pan and I will have a complete meal when the chicken is finished. This meal is perfect for a cozy fall evening with a good glass of French Pinot Noir! Cheers!!!

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