Holiday Gift Guide

I love Christmas and I also love practical gifts.  I love everything about daily living that most of my gift suggestions will center around what we need to sustain a healthy and happy life. I love to give and receive things that I will use day to day for years to come. Here is a list of my top 10 suggestions for giving this year!


  1. Immersion Blender— For some reason, an immersion blender is the first thing on my list.  I am not sure what I would do without this because it is so useful when making a blended soup, salad dressing, gravy or a sauce. I know that a blender works well but an immersion blender is so much easier and does not make as much of a mess.  I have had my immersion blender for a long time but I am a big fan of the Breville which is linked here. It has 15 speeds which is a lot fancier than mine, which only has one!
  2. Vitamix blender— These have been around for quite some time and it took me until last year to jump on board and buy one.  I have never looked back. It is unbelievable what this blender can do. I believe it is the most powerful household blender on the market.  I just added to my Christmas list the attachments to make smaller quantity recipes such as salad dressings. 
  3. A humidifier— This time of year is so dry and what better way to add moisture back into your life than a humidifier. When we become too dry in our nasal cavity we open ourselves up to all kinds of viruses and bacteria.  So to stay well I add extra moisture into the air. We have a large humidifier in our downstairs and I have a very small one next to my bed which I use every night. I would definitely look for one that is easy to clean and operate or you may never use it…haha. Here is the one I like. 
  4. Dohm sound machine— I love these sound machines.  I use them in my office to drown out the noise that the neighboring engineers make during office hours.  They work really well and also have a very soothing sound. I just added one to my Christmas list to use at home.  I am slightly obsessed with white noise but it has to be the right pitch and these have it in my opinion. You can find these online and I also found it at Walmart. 
  5. Instant-Read Thermometer— I am sure most of you have one of these but I found myself in a dilemma the other day when my handy dandy instant-read thermometer decided to stop working.  I am heading out to buy another one and also am asking for one for a stocking stuffer. You do not want to find yourself without one of these when you are making homemade yogurt, ricotta cheese or a roast turkey.  You don’t have to get fancy with these either. I like the digital ones and they are not very expensive. The last one I bought was from Sur La Table and it lasted me a LONG time! Here is a comparable one. 
  6. Lodge Cast Iron Skillet— Wow!! Do I use this a lot!!  A perfectly seasoned cast iron skillet is irreplaceable.  From pancakes and bacon to my favorite Mediterranean Frittata, this skillet is perfect.  I think I have the 10-inch and use it almost every day. They are for sale at Sur La Table but I think Wal Mart also sells them.
  7. Le Creuset Dutch Oven— 5.5 and 7.25 — I have both sizes and I use them all the time.  They are both amazing for soups, stews, beans, rice or any one pot meal.  They also stand the test of time because I have had both for many years. An investment but well worth it.
  8. “Tour” wine glasses from Crate and Barrel— I have purchased many wine glasses over the years but I really enjoy these. They make it very easy to swirl the wine so that it opens up before tasting and they also fit your hand very well. I have both the red and white wine glasses, they are both lovely!
  9. Furry Throws from Restoration Hardware— Winter is for all the snuggles and I think we have one of these throws on every seating surface in our home.  The durability of these throws far surpass anything from Target or Walmart. I have washed them many many times and they still look the same.  Sometimes spending a little extra pays off and in this case, these throws are worth it!!!
  10. Chemex pour-over coffee maker— Coffee can tend to be very acidic but I find when I make a pour over I do not struggle with stomach discomfort.  Yes, it does take a little more time in the morning to make coffee but what are mornings for but to move slowly into our fast-paced day.  I love my slow mornings and making coffee is part of that equation.

Happy shopping!!

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