The Importance of Clean Protein

I know that there is a daunting amount of information out there about how to eat. There are also lots of diets that advocate a one size fits all approach to eating and eliminate entire food groups. That’s not what I am about. I am bringing you some simple nutrition basics that can and will go a long way in your journey to health. How you implement them is up to you!!

Protein is absolutely necessary for our bodies to function and be healthy. It is one of the vital building blocks for cell growth and creates the framework for hormones to develop. Not to mention, the collagen found in protein supports hair growth, skin repair and joint health!! Our bodies need 20 amino acids to function properly, which are a vital part in synthesizing hormones. We produce 12 of these amino acids on our own but need to find the remaining 8 from food sources. Animal protein contains all 8. It is possible to get all 8 from plant protein sources but you need to eat enough variety to make sure none are missing. This is just scratching the surface of the importance of protein in your diet. It also builds and repairs muscle and supports muscle growth. For healthy body composition, this is vital, especially for women, whose bodies tend to have a harder time building and maintaining muscle.

Starting a meal with a source of protein makes you feel full for a longer period of time and can help you kick sugar cravings. Consider protein to be the base of this perfect meal we are learning how to build.
Below, as a resource for you, I’ve listed proteins I feel are of the highest quality and the best for balancing your hormones along with serving size suggestions.

I have also linked some of my recipes that are really great sources of protein: Carnitas, Skirt Steak, Black Bean Cakes, Herb Baked Eggs and Greek Yogurt.

I approximate a serving size by using the palm of my hand.  Below is the standard I use.

1 Palmful x3  for Meals
1/2 Palmful x2 for snacks


Favorite Forms of Protein:

Salmon-4 ounces/28 grams
Halibut-4 ounces/30 grams
Eggs-2 whole/14 grams
Grass-fed ground beef/4 ounces-26 grams
Grass-fed filet mignon/4 ounces-24 grams
Free Range Chicken breast-4 ounces/33-36 grams
Pastured Pork-4 ounces/29 grams
Turkey-4 ounces/32 grams
Yogurt, plain, full fat-4 ounces/32 grams
Black Beans-4 ounces/8 grams
Lentils-4 ounces/12 grams
Almonds-1 ounce/6 grams
Cashews-1 ounce/5 grams
Chia Seeds-1 ounce/4 grams
Flax Seeds-1 ounce/5 grams
Hemp Seeds-1 ounce/9 grams
Sunflower seeds-1 ounce/6 grams
Pumpkin seeds-1 ounce/7 grams
Love N Peas Protein Powder-2 scoops/20 grams
Nature’s Harvest Protein Powder-2 scoops/13 grams
Cheese-1 ounce- 7 grams



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