Why I Teach

Every time I teach or counsel I have an opportunity to be a witness in a person’s life. That is an incredible privilege and I am honored I get to do this for my work. Change doesn’t always happen all at once, (although those “ah hah!” moments are so exciting),...

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Listen To Your Body

When I review the Seven Steps to Balanced Eating with a new client, the very first step is to “Listen to Your Body”. Often I can tell they get a little confused by this concept and I don’t blame them. The fast-paced way of living in this current culture often...

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My Stocked Freezer

This was an interesting list to make because I have never taken a moment to really document what I stock in my freezer. It is my storage space for meats that I purchase in bulk from local farms, summer vegetables that I freeze for use in the winter and also...

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My Stocked Fridge

This is just a little glimpse as to the staples that may be in my fridge at any given time. Of course, it changes seasonally for me since I try to purchase most of my produce from local farms and only get what is in season at that particular time....

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My Baking Pantry

I am so excited to share this list with you!  I have worked hard on filling my pantry with nutrient-dense flours and ingredients for everything from pancakes to yummy desserts!  It has taken me years of testing out different ingredients to figure out the ones that I enjoyed baking with....

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My Cooking Pantry

I finally have compiled a list of all the items I keep on hand in my cooking pantry. Having this pantry well stocked with things like nuts, grains, canned tomatoes, coconut milk and plenty of spices, helps me stay on track and gives me options and flexibility. I always try...

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The Importance of Meal Prep

Most of you probably have heard of or understand that meal prep is important to maintaining a healthy eating plan. I’m sure you’ve seen it done in a lot of different ways and maybe you just have never been able to get it done yourself. I want to challenge and...

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Why Eat Raw Food?

Raw food has been a hot topic since I started studying nutrition over 30 years ago and I’m sure it was popular far before then. There are varying schools of thought as to whether you should eat vegetables in their raw form or whether they are better for you cooked....

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Why Healthy Fats Are So Important In Your Diet

I am a big believer in a diet that is supported by healthy fats.  I know that our bodies do so much better when we fuel from fat instead of processed sugar which is found in many of the breads and snacks here in the US. Our bodies simply do not...

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Goji Berries

Maca Powder