A Personal Note on Stress

Stress! How come we can’t always recognize it? I am resurfacing after 2 months of an incredibly busy schedule. At first, during this time, I felt good and excited about all that was going on in my life: my business, my family, my marriage, my daughter’s wedding…. all were doing well. I have juggled this much in the past and I was fine! So when my heart began beating wildly in my chest for days on end, I was completely at a loss. After a trip to the ER, a stress test and heart monitoring, my doctor told me I was experiencing Afib several times a day. I finally realized that apparently, I was not ok!!

How could this be? I am the healthy one! I am the one that always has things under control. I do the right thing and take care of my body. How can I stand in front of others and teach nutrition when my health is compromised? I have taught about how detrimental stress can be on your health and that 85% of all disease is stress related. Now it was affecting me!

Guess what I realized? I had forgotten to take care of myself. I put myself in a position where I was meeting the needs of others and forgetting what I needed most: proper rest and alone time. I was neglecting the basics in my life like my quiet mornings, when I am encouraged by my personal reading and prayer, my yoga practice, my quiet walks by the river, my morning coffee breaks with a dear friend and date nights with my hubby. Neglecting all these things fed into my cycle of stress that ended with a trip to the ER. What a wake-up call!

This time of year, we put so much pressure on ourselves to do all the holiday things but I am determined that instead of living out of obligation, I want to set aside those things that don’t matter. Instead, I will be still and breathe it all in…enjoy every moment spent with others and not neglect myself and the pace I need to set for my health. I have this small prayer posted in my office, “Help me to set aside the things that SEEM important so I can see the things that ARE Important!” This is my prayer for all of us as we enter this beautiful Holiday Season.

PEACE be with you!!!


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