All about herbs: Linden


Linden is a wonderful herb to use in an infusion. You can read about how to make an infusion in my post here. Not all herbs should be infused so do your research or consult an herbalist before you infuse something new.

Linden is incredibly helpful for those who struggle with anxiety and tension. It soothes the nervous system which is a welcome relief for people who deal with anxiety on a regular basis. It is also an ally when it comes to symptoms such as: tension headaches, muscle tension and menstrual cramps- all things exacerbated by anxiety. Linden is also a vasodilator, which means is helps dilate blood vessels which can relieve high blood pressure and hypertension. Taking Linden as a preventative for these things is very effective in my opinion. It can really help to stave off these symptoms and help prolong healthy living.

Linden is one of the most trusted herbs to help treat cold symptoms as well. It is a mucilage so it helps to soothe swollen membranes and can relieve a cough and sore throat. It also stimulates circulation and can start a sweat to break a fever. In addition to all this, it’s also a powerful immune system booster. With cold and flu symptoms it’s considered to be a triple threat. You’ll notice if you have read my other posts about herbs, (see Red Clover and Nettle) that herbs help you with more than one symptom.

With herbs, you will have to experiment a little bit and see which ones work best for you. Never hesitate to contact me about which herbs might be useful for your specific body’s needs. You can set up an appointment to come by my office or if you are a current client we can have a conversation about them at your next counseling session. I do phone consultations as well and help clients all over the country. Herbs are unbelievable allies when it comes to health!!



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