Friday Favorites: October


I am so excited to be sharing some Friday Favorites with you again.  I really feel like it is so important to have a well-stocked kitchen and I wanted to share a few more of my favorite cooking essentials with you.  All of these are products that I use every day and so life without them would be challenging for me. I do not buy lots of gadgets for cooking because I also don’t want a cluttered kitchen either.  

We have linked each one of these items and yes, they are affiliate links.  We thank you in advance for supporting us as we are always trying to bring you good content that will be helpful to you on your journey towards healthy living.


1. Kyocera Chef’s Knife

I used to have a whole set of Wusthof knives and also a sharpener which I had to use quite a bit.  Not only was I tired of having to sharpen the knives constantly, my hands grew tired from using them because they were so heavy.   I do lots of chopping so this ceramic knife is perfect because it is so light. It is so sharp and because it’s ceramic it does not need to be sharpened.  It slices right through a tomato with no problem at all. Mine has an orange handle and I love it but I do think they come in many colors.


2. Lemon Squeezer:

This little handheld lemon squeezer sure comes in handy when needing a little lemon or lime juice in your water or to squeeze over the top of a salad or dish you might be making.  Tim and I use this every day and it generally sits out on the counter on top of a cutting board alongside half a lemon or lime. 


3. Pig Cutting Board:

Susan Gleeson Cooking

If you have seen my Instagram stories that you have probably seen my pig cutting board.  It is specially designed for cutting meat since it doesn’t absorb any of the juices therefore not building up bacteria.  I love it! It really makes me feel good that I am not going to transfer any germs to the rest of the food that I am chopping. It’s so cute so you can also use it as a serving tray as well.


4. Vitamix blender:

This is not a small item and it is really a costly blender which is why I did not follow the trend years ago when everyone was purchasing one. Once I finally did, It is definitely an investment but one of the best ones that I have made.  I use it every day for smoothies, salad dressings, and sauces. I really underestimated the use it would get in our kitchen. A high-speed blender is a must!


5. A teakettle


I am surprised by how many people don’t own a stovetop teakettle.  This is definitely something I use every day. I drink french press coffee every morning and my husband drinks tea.  I am also using the teapot to heat up water for my herbal infusions that I make daily. I have owned many through the years and so I have learned which brands last and my favorite is La Creuset.  It is a bit on the pricier side but it sure does last. When it comes to kitchen essentials, I definitely want to purchase quality over quantity!

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