Friday Favorites at the Farmer’s Market


If you are local to Richmond, this post will help you a lot when it comes to shopping at the farmers market. These are some of my personal favorite vendors but to be honest there are amazing farmers all over the place here now! It’s amazing to see people buying fresh food and supporting local growers! Here is a list of my favorites, look out for them next time you go!


Amy’s Organics Produce

(South of the James Farmers Market: Saturdays 8-12 & Birdhouse Market: Tuesday 3-6:30)  

Amy’s produce is exceptional.  She is the very first organic farmer that I connected with once moving to Virginia.  I have been purchasing from her for over 15 years. She and her husband George have a 70-acre farm where they grow certified organic fruits and vegetables and also the most beautiful cutting flowers.  Her heirloom tomatoes are unbelievable along with fresh greens, peppers of all kinds, many types of squash, and so much more. She is located in the back right at South of the James Market on Saturday’s and also at Birdhouse Market on Tuesday afternoons.  You can’t miss her bright sign.


Truly Scrumptious Prepared Foods

(St. Stephens Farmers Market Saturday 8-12 and Birdhouse Market Tuesdays 3-6:30)

Mela Jones does an amazing job at preparing delicious packaged meals out of local foods.  These prepared meals are designed to make life a bit easier on busy days, with a meal that is all ready to be heated up and eaten.  She has so many amazing soups, main dishes, appetizers, and even desserts. Everything comes frozen and so can be used at a later time, so stop by and say hello.   My favorites are her Spinach and bacon dip, Curried Sweet potato bisque and her Italian Potage soup. She offers samples of her best sellers so give them a try. Tell her I sent you and ENJOY!!!


Bon Air Naturals

(South of the James Farmers Market Saturdays 8-12)

I love Leslie and she has the most amazing natural soaps, body scrubs, natural perfume, lip balm, and bath bombs.  She has also been testing out some new candles so I am excited about that. Leslie has been providing me with clean bath products for the past year and a half which I have been selling in my shop.  Clients love them and I know you will too!!! My favorites are the Lavender bath bombs, the Hippie Girl soap, and the Ginger body scrub. She has so many scents available so stop by her booth and take a sniff.  Tell Leslie I sent you!!


Black Creek Farm

(South of the James Saturdays 8-12)

Black Creek Farm has some of my favorite salad greens, arugula, and microgreens.   Their produce is so fresh and is one of my favorite stops on Saturday mornings. They may have cilantro or basil microgreens, fresh garlic, radishes, beets, carrots and many types of greens.  I head to their booth as soon as I enter the market because their offerings are so popular and I want to make sure I don’t miss out on anything special. Kim and Matt Powell are found at the South of the James Market every Saturday and the fresh produce they provide is all natural, using no pesticides, with exceptional quality.


Free Union Grass Farm

(South of the James, Saturday 8-12)  

This stand is where I purchase special cuts of meat.  If I need a pork butt for Carnitas, I would buy it from these wonderful people.  If I needed a whole chicken, this is where I would come. They raise beef, pork, chicken, duck, and geese and also sell some of the best eggs.  Their prices are good and their meats are fantastic. You can also visit their farm as well where I believe they even have better pricing for bulk purchases. Stop by and say hello and try a dozen eggs. You won’t be disappointed!!!


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