Friday Favorites: Spring Edition


Spring is here!!!! Friday favorites are back for my special Spring edition. The sun is shining and I think we all feel a bit more invigorated and well. I’m excited to share these 5 things that I feel make life more enjoyable and bring joy to the everyday!


1. Three Hens Grapefruit Mint Candle: Oh how I love this one… bright and herbal and makes your whole house feel fresh. If you are unable to locate one of Sian’s homemade candles just make sure whatever candles you are burning are clean… no paraffin or lead. I order mine from Fall Line Farms, link here. 

2. Mrs. Meyer’s Peony dish soap, soft soap, and counter spray: Not only are the pink labels beautiful (you know pink is in vogue now) but I really enjoy the scent. I purchase all my cleaners and beauty products from Grove Collaborative which saves me lots of money but I also get to order my favorite seasonal secrets before they are released to the general public.

3. Acure brilliant serum: I rarely share beauty products with you but I am loving this brilliant face oil that smells of lavender. My skin has been so dry over the winter and this oil is incredibly hydrating without feeling super oily. I am using it at night and it does two things… moisturizes and makes me calm and ready for sleep!! That’s a win-win! Also can be found for purchase from Grove Collaborative. Order everything online and it gets delivered to your front door!

4. Grilling: I know this isn’t a specific product but it is one of my favorites. Who doesn’t love cooking outside in beautiful weather while sipping on a glass of wine? I have some good grilling recipes on my website including a skirt steak and my marinated grilled chicken recipe, both of which I love! I have also been experimenting with lamb on the grill and just roasting at low heat for long periods of time. Check out some of my recipes and get out there and clean that grill. I love that you can make dinner and get your daily dose of vitamin D in as well!!

5. My new windows: We have been saving for new windows for several years now. I have not had screens on my windows for about 13 years so you can imagine how difficult it is here in the state of Virginia to get fresh air without inviting in all the mosquitoes and hornets. I cannot tell you how amazing it has been to have new windows I can actually see through, that keep the temperature stabilized inside but I can open in a second and get fresh air. We went to with Skyline Windows here in Virginia and I am so amazed at the product. It does not feel like a vinyl window and they slide up and down very easily. Also, I love that you can pop them out to clean quickly. Every day I express my gratitude to my husband. Probably one of the best changes we’ve made to our house in a long time. Here’s to fresh air!!

I will definitely be enjoying these things for the whole spring!!

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