Healthy Snack Options

Snacking can either give you a large energy boost or it can most definitely be an energy zapper depending on what food you are choosing.  I have found with healthy snacking that I can give my body and really good boost of energy when I concentrate on those foods that have a good amount of protein and some healthy fat with minimal starchy carbohydrates.


Here is a list of my favorite snacks that are designed to encourage energy and clear thinking instead of weigh you down:


  1. Pitted dates filled with nut butter or goat cheese
  2. Hummus and veggies
  3. Deviled Eggs
  4. Hard boiled eggs
  5. Grass fed beef jerky (no sugar or gluten)
  6. Wild Salmon jerky (no sugar or gluten)
  7. Nuts (no added oils)
  8. Dried fruit
  9. Fruit



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