The Sun Will Shine Again

Sometimes in life we feel unsettled.  This can be uncomfortable and for the most part, no one enjoys that feeling.  The difficulty is that many times we do not take the time to unpack our feelings, working our way to the root cause.  Without getting to the “bottom of it” we are just relying on our emotions to initiate a response. Believe me, I know the feeling and probably experience it more frequently than I want to.

Life has mountaintops and valleys and while I love a mountaintop experience I am learning to be thankful for the outcome in my personal life when I have spent some time in the valley.  There is a transformation that comes from spending some time in the darkness…those deep, almost cold moments of life that eventually allow you to see the hope of the light that is about to surface.

It begins with a pinhole of an opening which then becomes a small view through a lense until you are fully standing with arms open wide, face forward in the sunshine.

Sometimes our time in the valley is short lived and sometimes it is a “sinking in” which takes endurance on our part.  This is where honesty and belief must come hand in hand.  Honest with one’s self that this is only for a season and belief that the sun will shine again and this time it will be even brighter!!


(photo by A Girl Named Leney)

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