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I am so excited to share this list with you!  I have worked hard on filling my pantry with nutrient-dense flours and ingredients for everything from pancakes to yummy desserts!  It has taken me years of testing out different ingredients to figure out the ones that I enjoyed baking with.  I hope this is helpful to those of you who are working on creating a baking pantry of your own.  Happy Baking!!!

Here is the link to my Cooking Pantry as well. Just so you know all these are affiliate links for me! So thank you in advance if you choose to buy something.

Dried goods

Arrowroot Powder– This is an amazing substitute for cornstarch as a thickening agent. I do not use cornstarch since most of it is GMO. Arrowroot is also great in gluten-free baked goods as well.

Oatmeal I love oats! They are delicious and so good for energy and hormone balance. I use them a lot in baking as well, including my Raw Oat Bars.

Protein Powder–  I prefer vegan pea protein powder (Love n Peas by Nature’s Sunshine) instead of whey since I don’t do well with some forms of dairy.

Raisins & Golden Raisins- I love raisins in savory foods. I add them to my Chicken Masala and other recipes when I want just a little sweet to balance out the savory.

Raw Cacao Powder I use this in recipes instead of cocoa powder because it is unprocessed and contains all the enzymes that you need to digest it properly. Raw Cacao is also an excellent hormone balancer.


Nuts and Seeds

Almonds- I use almonds in granola, nut butter and in my Homemade Almond Milk recipe. Almonds are far more than just a substitution, they are one of my favorite healthy fats and are amazingly nutrient dense.

Pecans- I use pecans in baked goods, salads, snacks and to make nut butter.

Pumpkin Seeds- I like to top baked goods with these, I also like them toasted in salads and in my Maple Walnut Granola.

Walnuts- I keep these for snacks, to make nut butter, baked goods and salads. Walnuts are incredible brain food because they are high in Omega 3s.




Chia Seeds I will always sing the praises of chia seeds. They are great for balancing hormones and make an appearance in much of my cooking! They are the world’s best form of fiber as well!

Flax Seeds Flaxseeds, especially ground, are so easy to add to anything from muffins to oatmeal and smoothies. They are a great source of fiber and healthy fats and incredible for hormone balance.

Goji Berries I love adding Goji berries to my Balancing Hormones Smoothie or to a bowl of oatmeal, they are an incredible berry that has tons of fiber and protein and is naturally low in sugar.

Maca Powder– I add this to both of my hormone balancing smoothies and I also sometimes mix it into oatmeal. Maca powder is known to lift your mood, increase energy and libido. It also reduces blood pressure and fights free radicals. 

Shredded Unsweetened Coconut I use this in smoothies, baked goods and a topping for yogurt.



Avocado Oil– This is my substitution for vegetable or canola oil in any of my baked goods. It is a healthy fat and is great for cooking at high heat.

Avocado Oil Spray This is another great substitution for Pam, and has a great neutral flavor when you don’t want to use the coconut oil spray.

Coconut Butter Coconut butter has a delicious flavor and is perfect for those trying to cut down on dairy. It is great for baking as well.

Coconut Oil- Coconut oil helps to promote good cholesterol, improves brain function, fights bacteria and promotes healthy hair, skin and nails. I try and use it anytime I can! It also elevates hormone levels!

Coconut Oil Spray I love using this spray instead of Pam. It’s another chance to add nutrition to your diet.

Olive Oil Health practitioners have been singing the praises of olive oil for years and for good reason. It is very important for me to get fresh, authentic olive oil. A lot of what you find in grocery stores has actually gone rancid. Olive oil has a much shorter shelf life than people think. I purchase mine from a local store that purchases olive oil in small batches and fills my bottle for me. (Olive Oil Taproom, Midlothian, VA) If you haven’t, upgrade your olive oil! The flavor and health benefits are amazing. It’s one of my favorite healthy fats.

Olive Oil Spray–  I use it for everything… baked goods, frittatas, bread etc.


Sweeteners and Dark Chocolate

Brown Rice Syrup I use brown rice for my Peanut Butter Energy Bars because it helps to bind them together. Brown rice syrup is still a concentrated sugar, to be used in small amounts but it does contain more nutritional properties than other sugars.

Carob Chips sweetened with Stevia-I actually will grab a small handful of these when I just really want some chocolate. I will also top my yogurt, smoothie and oatmeal bowls with carob. They are also sweetened with Stevia so no guilt involved here!

Coconut SugarI use this anytime I can when a recipe calls for traditional sugar. Coconut sugar is less refined and lower on the glycemic index.

Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate Chips- In any recipe that calls for chocolate chips I typically sub out for dark chocolate chips instead or even unsweetened dark chocolate chunks.

Dates I use dates in many of my recipes as a sweetener. Dates are nutrient dense, a known antioxidant, high in fiber and also promote brain and bone health.

Molasses–  Raw dark molasses is a great sweetener with a unique flavor and also could go in the superfood category, especially blackstrap molasses. I use this in small doses in my oatmeal and will sometimes drizzle a little bit on pancakes.

Raw Honey Raw honey that has not been pasteurized or filtered still contains all its natural antioxidants and healing properties. I use this as a topping on my Homemade Yogurt, oatmeal and it is amazing in hot tea. My first choice is always to get this local at my farmers market, but I have linked a great second option here.

Raw Stevia Stevia is fantastic to sweeten drinks like iced tea. It is natural and also alkalizing for the body. I use this in all my Mocktails.

Raw Sugar I have this in case we are making something that calls for sugar and it would be hard to substitute with another sweetener. This sugar has not been bleached and has some nutritional qualities.

Unsweetened Dark Chocolate- Sometimes I use this in place of chocolate chips or as an additive to other recipes.



Almond Flour Almond flour is full of fat and fiber which works well as a replacement for white flour. I use it in my Grain-Free Pumpkin Muffins.

Almond Meal This is my perfect substitute for bread crumbs. It adds protein to any dish and is a good healthy fat as well. I also use this in some of my Butternut Squash Cranberry Muffins.

Brown Rice Flour Brown rice flour is another great gluten-free option for baking and also a great thickener for sauces and gravies.

Buckwheat Flour Buckwheat flour is gluten-free and high in fiber. It’s a favorite in pancakes and bread.

Coconut Flour Both almond and coconut flour can be substituted in combination for most recipes that call for traditional white flour. Coconut is also an incredible hormone balancer.

Cornmeal– I am very particular about the cornmeal that I purchase because most corn is genetically modified. Right now I have cornmeal from a local source that is stoneground. I use it primarily for cornbread and also for polenta.

Millet Flour- Millet is a gluten-free grain and reminds me of couscous when cooked. I use this flour in combination with other gluten-free flours for baking.

Sprouted Spelt Flour- Spelt is in the wheat family but is an ancient grain and much easier to digest and full of protein. I use this in my Sprouted Spelt Toffee Bars.

Tapioca Flour- Tapioca starch is derived from a South American cassava plant. It is a great replacement for any gluten-filled flour.

Teff Flour- Teff is a gluten-free Ancient grain that is from North Africa. It is the size of a seed. I love using this flour in combinations with some other gluten-free options for baked goods. Teff has incredible fiber as well.


Baking Basics

Almond Extract- I love almonds and so a good extract can give any baked good that delicious almond flavor.

Baking Powder- For my baking powder I make sure that I am using an aluminum free brand such as Rumford.

Baking Soda- I am currently using Trader Joe’s brand.

Himalayan Pink Salt-  Himalayan pink salt is primarily from Pakistan and is a sustainable salt. It is high in minerals since it is not processed. Technically it is a sea salt since it is from ancient ocean deposits. I use this salt for baking as well. Works great!!

Vanilla Extract- I do purchase really good vanilla extract and make sure there are no chemicals or fillers. Penzey’s is probably my go-to for purchasing vanilla.


I would love to hear from you on some different ingredients that are your favorites!!  (Comment below)




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