My food journey Part 2: “The gift of healing”

Besides struggling with disordered eating for most of my college years and into adulthood I had also struggled with a poor digestion for most of my life. I was overwhelmed by quite a bit of anxiety which made matters worse. In college, I kept a bottle of Pepto Bismol on the floor of my car so when the nausea set in due to college stress. I would just drink it out of the bottle. Little did I know what I was doing to myself. There wasn’t any nourishing going on there, I was just trying to cope. The problem was that I did not know my body nor did I know how to take care of it. I always tell my clients, based on my experience, you must know your body in order to take care of it.

I find it interesting that when we buy an appliance we receive a lengthy manual with all the directions on how to use it and to troubleshoot whenever it is not functioning properly. Here we are inhabiting the most glorious creation of all time, our body, and many of us have no idea how it truly works.

That’s exactly where I was!!!!

When I found the joy of eating whole, organic, fresh food there was definitely a change in how I felt. Still, I had years of abuse that I was going to have to undo before I could have complete healing.

Digestion can be tricky and healing can look different for each individual. I struggled with dairy, sugar and white flour. How did I know this? I listened to my body and found that both dairy and sugar caused me incredible congestion. After extensive research I found that they both create extra mucus in the body. White flour was like glue in my digestive system and really constipated me. All this added together meant that my body was not in a happy place. It took time, lots of reading and patience to get to this point but now I know what I need and don’t need in my system. I took the time to learn how to listen to my body properly. Let me say, it was worth the effort!

My two favorite authors that really helped me tremendously during this time were Dr. Norman Walker and Dr. Bernard Jensen. Both are doctors and both have a holistic view on living. It is so funny because I still adhere to most everything today and have found 30 years later that it all works. I highly recommend them.

Every season brings on new challenges so I am constantly having to tweak things. If you find yourself in that same place, don’t be discouraged. I had many who helped me along the way, and it is a blessing to me that now I get to do the same. You are not alone! The truly amazing part of all of it is that our body was designed to heal itself over time. With self care and some knowledge, you can experience that. Now I can honestly say, even with the small aches and pains that come with time, I am truly so happy. My heart, my mind and my belly feel great!

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