Friday Favorites: September

1. My office space:
My work journey has been amazing these last couple of years. I went from working in my home to sharing a space with some dear friends to the quiet office space I have now in Bon Air. I am sitting here right now with my Chinese flute Pandora station on in the background and so grateful that I can call this mine for now. It has been a true answer to prayer. My heart’s desire was to be able to provide my clients with clean supplements they might need for healing. Now have the space to do that with an office in the back for classes and personal sessions. I am so grateful!!!

2. Raw Cacao Nibs:
Have you ever just taken a handful of cacao nibs and popped them in your mouth for a snack? Well…I am a bit addicted. I don’t know exactly what it is about them. At first, I wasn’t even sure what I was tasting…maybe a chocolatey nut? All I know is I wanted more. I have been putting them on my yogurt, oatmeal and just eating them plain. Raw cacao has 40 times more antioxidants than blueberries, they are high in iron, calcium and magnesium and are a natural antidepressant. They are also amazing for hormone balance. Give them a try!!

3. Gruyere’ Cheese:
I am so enjoying the nutty flavor of this cheese. While I haven’t always been able to enjoy dairy I have found this raw cheese at Trader Joes and I feel great when I eat it. It is probably one of my favorites when making my baked eggs (link) and also a great addition to a cheese platter. Try it! I’m sure you’ll like it.

4. Writing:
While I have never thought of myself as a writer, I have found that lately I really look forward to the solitude of me, my pen and paper. It really has been therapeutic to get things out of my head and documented weather for just myself or for others to read. On top of writing for my website I have also gotten into a great rhythm of journaling and find that it really helps with any worries or anxiety when I can release my thoughts. I am heading out on a writing retreat in mid October and looking forward to shutting all distractions out to just write!

5. Paper Mate Inkjoy Colored Gel Pens:
I am a pen and paper girl so even when it comes to my schedule I use a physical planner not an online calendar. When I am planning my weeks out I love using lots of different colored pens. I found a set at Target and they are the best. The last set I purchased was Bic ballpoints but they are not as smooth to write with as a gel pen. If you are like me and enjoy seeing lots of color on your paper…check these out! They are a favorite!!!

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