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As I’ve been talking here a lot about balanced eating and how to help your body heal itself naturally, but I would love to also share more with you about my passion for Herbology. I am fast becoming known as the crazy herb lady and I love it! I realize that so many of you are curious about herbs but don’t know where to start. Herbology is a big and exciting world but one that not everyone wants to navigate on their own. Many of my clients and friends are shocked to learn that plants can help them in their everyday life with things like chronic pain, inflammation, hydration, energy and digestion. Herbs and especially herbal infusions are without a doubt beneficial for everyone. So let me share with you some more bite-size chunks of information about herbs and my own experience with them.

I am going to introduce you to just one herb today and a personal favorite: Nettle. Now, this is an herb you can do an infusion with, but not all herbs are good to infuse, some are way too strong. Be sure to double check and do some research. Feel free to email me as well! I wrote up a guide for making herbal infusions in the recipe section of my website under ‘Herbal Remedies’. That would be a great place to start. Nettle infusion has helped me so much with my chronic pain due to scoliosis. It is a natural anti-inflammatory which keeps the pain at bay. I also drink a lot of it during the spring because it naturally helps to fight allergies and combat their effects. It is also incredibly good for your skin as it helps with detoxification and can even reduce psoriasis and eczema! I typically start my Mondays with a nettle infusion because I’ve noticed really great results from its detoxification qualities. It’s a great way to reset after the weekend. Even if you didn’t indulge in food, you can easily be in need of some help with inflammation. Just sitting in the car for a long time or on an airplane can leave your body in need of some help with inflammation, circulation and blood flow. Nettle helps with all that. Its terrific for my weekly maintenance but also a good one to use to help your body reset.

If you look up my recipe for how to make infusions you can start anytime! If you are unsure where to get nettle I’ve included below where I order some of mine but if you are local you can always just come by my office! I recommend this one to clients all the time so I started keeping it on hand. My little herb shop keeps expanding! I hope this blog helped inspire you to start using herbal remedies in your routine, especially if you’ve always been curious. I’m excited to start sharing more with you on my passion for herbs and herbal infusions.
Be healthy this weekend!

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