Top Five Favorites: Kitchen Appliances


I am asked on a regular basis what I use in my kitchen.  This, I hope, is the first of many of these posts because I believe a well-stocked kitchen is a useable kitchen and there are just so many items that can make our lives much easier when cooking. Not to mention, good appliances actually help cut down on waste! I get so much more out of my recipes when I use a few tools.  I am not a fan of trendy gadgets so I am careful what I buy. So I’ve honed this list to a few appliances I would not want to cook without. They are cost-effective and have saved me time and money! All this are affiliate links for me just so you know. 

A funny note: I didn’t take pictures especially of these appliances, I was able to find pictures to show you because they all just made their way into the recipe photoshoots I do. Proof I really do use them!!


 1. My Vitamix blender-  I didn’t own a blender for years and even when I had one I rarely used it.  I kept seeing this Vitamix blender promoted and advertised as being the best but just thought that it wouldn’t make much of a difference in my life at all.  Little did I know that I would use it every day for smoothies, salad dressings, and my favorite sauces. It has been an incredible purchase and so worth it. 



2. Orange X Juicer– This citrus juicer was really a splurge for us and at the time of purchase I didn’t realize how often we would use it.  Everyone in our household drinks lemon or lime water daily and the amount of juice that you can extract is so much more than with a small handheld juicer.  Not only is the juice a time saver but really, in the long run, saves us money due to the amount of juice it produces.



3. Braun Food Processor– I have always had a Cuisinart food processor and when my last one died, my husband bought me this one for Christmas.  I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t another Cuisinart but he assured me the reviews on this particular food processor were fantastic.  He was right! I have loved using it and there are so many additional attachments that make cooking a lot easier. I am pleasantly surprised and the price point for this item is great.



4. Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker – I have been making homemade yogurt for 20 years with this same yogurt maker!  It comes with small 8 ounce jars and makes 7 yogurts at a time. It’s wonderful to have each yogurt in its own container and ready to eat.  This yogurt maker is inexpensive as well, proof that you don’t need anything fancy to make your own yogurt! I highly recommend this product. 



5. Chemex Pour Over Coffee Maker – While this is not really an appliance its something I use almost every day because it makes fantastic coffee. Over the years, I have found the coffee that comes from my drip coffee maker is very acidic and can irritate my stomach.  I have used a french press on and off for years, and it’s better, but the coffee from my Chemex is my absolute favorite when it comes to flavor! It is not bitter and a lot less acidic, which makes my tummy happy. I do love to savor my slow mornings and this coffee is worth the wait. 


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