Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

When I teach about Balancing Hormones we address all the symptoms of hormone imbalance. After we have gone over the extensive list, I ask each participant to raise their hand if they have experienced any of these symptoms. Every hand in the room is raised. It is so difficult when we talk about hormones because we have over 200 in our body and really just the word “hormone” is vague. Why??? Because which specific hormone are we talking about and what exactly do these hormones do? How many times have you heard women blame their hormones for how they are feeling? We can sometimes feel like we have no control and we don’t have the tools to address these issues on our own. My goal is to help my clients gain understanding and exert some control over their lives. Many are already being treated for some kind of hormone imbalance, but they still need help because medicine does not address the whole body. That is why I teach! I am not a doctor but I do work alongside my clients and their physicians to make sure we are all seeing the whole picture! I help my clients work WITH their doctors so that they more empowered to take ownership over their own health. I can help walk you through the process of healing. There does not need to be a mystery surrounding this subject. Hormone imbalance can absolutely be healed with proper nutrition, supplementation and in extreme situations maybe some bio-identical hormones or possibly medication. Let me talk about a few symptoms that seem to be the most distressing to my clients.

Fatigue: This is a big symptom of hormone imbalance. But don’t go running to an endocrinologist at the first sign of fatigue. We have to look at the whole person, not just one symptom. First look at your lifestyle, health, and overall eating. If your energy doesn’t improve with a better diet and exercise, then it might be time to get some blood work done. It is also possible that whatever “diet” you are currently on is actually making you tired. So many of my clients started out not eating enough nutrient dense, fueling foods. No wonder they felt tired! Remember, it’s normal to slow down some with age and after a big change, like delivering a baby or menopause. Yet, unexplained continued fatigue may be a sign that your hormones are out of whack. No one should settle for feeling terrible and lethargic.

Weight gain: This is the symptom that everyone wants to talk about. We become afraid that we are doomed to gain weight because of an unseen hormonal imbalance we can’t control. First, if you are gaining weight, look at two things: what and how much you are eating and are you moving your body. Often times, unexplained weight gain can be explained by just these few things. For many of my clients, once we worked on healing their bodies with food, their hormones balanced out and the weight came off, slowly but steadily. Our bodies often need to heal from years of the diet roller coaster, birth control pills, and other medications. It doesn’t happen overnight. All things are connected in the body, yes, your hormones may be imbalanced, but we need to look at the whole picture to fix the problem. It’s not a one size fits all plan. I think that when necessary, losing weight is a perfectly acceptable goal. It must come from a place of self-love, care and acceptance though.

Cancer: The scariest symptom of hormone imbalance it definitely cancer… especially estrogen dominant cancers such as breast, uterine and ovarian cancer. First and foremost, look at your family history. If anyone in your immediate family suffered from an estrogen dominant cancer then I would absolutely take great care starting from a young age. In my classes, we talk about which foods and supplements are excellent at keeping your hormones in balance and fighting cancer! Most do not understand how powerful preventative measures really are. This is one reason why I am committed to eating pastured, grass-fed animals and organic, local veggies and fruits. Just one small change can make the difference for you but consistency is the key!

There are many other symptoms that can cause you distress when your hormones are imbalanced but these three are the largest concerns with most of my clients. The other symptoms might include: cellulite, migraines, hair loss, bone loss, lack of sleep and mood disorders. It is entirely possible to feel better by changing the way you eat and live your life. Always remember… we have to look at the whole picture not just one symptom to help our bodies heal. I know this may seem daunting, but there is help available and my door is always open!



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