Why I Teach

Every time I teach or counsel I have an opportunity to be a witness in a person’s life. That is an incredible privilege and I am honored I get to do this for my work. Change doesn’t always happen all at once, (although those “ah hah!” moments are so exciting), it sometimes happens over a course of months. I always stop and encourage my clients to look back and see all the changes that they have made and the steps they have taken to move forward. How we view food and our bodies affect every area of our lives, so is it not too dramatic to say that when these views change, everything else in life will shift as well.  

I am going to tell you the truth…. teaching and counseling can be challenging and sometimes emotionally draining. It takes a lot of mental and emotional energy to open up my life as well as pour into another life. Yet, it is so worth it to me because I truly love each one who walks through my door. When I see a client change their perspective on food or heal their body and mind from disordered eating, it gives me so much energy. I cannot express the joy that I experience when I see the light go on in eyes that were dim with despair. Their passion for good food is ignited where once there was only anxiety and obsessive calorie counting. I go to work each day and see women and men choose their health first, put themselves at the top of the list and heal their bodies with food. This is what makes a long day a great day!!!

 Connecting with others and walking with them on their personal journey is inspiring to me and speaks to me in the deepest way. I do what I do, not because it is easy but because it is needed and I hope to make a difference. My commitment to give you the best counseling and the best resources I can is what drives The Sown Life forward.

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