Friday Favorites: Gratitude

This Friday Favorites post is going to be a little different than the last ones that I have done. I want to take a moment to express my gratitude because at this time of year we can easily forget that life is not all about us. As I am sitting here thinking over all that I have been given, I am overwhelmed. I want to share a few of my blessings with you and maybe this will spur you on to write a list of your own. It’s so encouraging to see these things written down

1. A loving relationship with my husband of 32 years. I really have to put this one first because this man has been so steadfast to be married to me for so long. In a world where marriages are under attack all the time, I do not take for granted for one second that fact that I have spent most of my life with this man. No, he is not perfect and neither am I but we have fought to keep this relationship going. It is not by chance that we are still married. It has taken much forgiveness and understanding on our parts to keep ourselves true to one another not only in our marriage but in our hearts as well. God is faithful!!

2. My children are my heart. I have carried each one not only for 9 months but also for all the years of their lives. No one can prepare you for this journey at all. It goes far beyond what car seat you purchase or how cute the nursery is. There are times in their lives that they need you to carry them even if it is just in your prayers. I enjoy my kids so much!!! They are the best of friends and we have the greatest times no matter what we are doing. I have also been blessed with some additional children who have each stolen my heart and it is amazing how much space we have to love!!!

3. My “life on life” friends show me daily what it means to carry each other’s burdens. It may be through a text thread, a coffee date or just listening to my endless negativity when I am in a bad spot. I have recently been through a rough patch and it’s amazing to me that they have stuck in there with me through thick and thin. I have to admit that sometimes I take them for granted and it is of late that I can really see how thoughtless I can be and how giving and caring they are. I desire to nurture each friendship in a deeper way in this next year.

4. Books are amazing!! I love to read books on lots of different subjects. I am always devouring books on health to keep myself abreast of all the research that is going on in the Science world. Gardening books in the winter inspire me to try some new plants in my garden in spring. Cookbooks inspire me to try new recipes, decorating books give me all the ideas for change in my space and historical fiction takes me to a different place and time. Fluffy love stories are my favorite bedtime read since they are light and not too thought provoking. There is so much more to learn and experience in life and books add that to my life even when I am wrapped in a blanket on the couch!

5. Walking is probably the biggest part of my life right now. For some reason, as I get older, nature is more meaningful in a way that I don’t understand. Some people say that as you get older you desire to get closer to the earth since that is where you are headed. I don’t know if that is true but I love the sunshine, the trees, the fresh air, the birds chirping and the leaves falling from the trees. There is just something so therapeutic and energizing about walking that I don’t find with any other form of exercise. It also had a meditative quality that leaves me refreshed and stress-free. I love that it is getting cold because Winter walks are my favorite!!!

What favorites are you grateful for???? Would love for you to share them with us in the comments below!!

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