Morning Rituals

I believe the way we begin our morning can set the tone for the entire day. I have found my morning rituals to really set the foundation for a peaceful and productive day. I rely greatly on my calm mornings to help give me perspective on anything I might be facing. I also find that while rituals are something I must do for my self-care, they are much different than a to-do list. I don’t want them to be rushed and I’ve really thought about each one over the years and figured out what I need to start my day on a good note. I make sure that I am up at a good time so I can sink in during my morning and take my time in whatever I might be doing. I’d like to share them with you here but please remember its very important to find what works for YOU. The intention of this post is not to give you a list of things to try, rather to maybe spur some change if you’ve been feeling the need for it. 

Here are my morning rituals:

1. I like to wake up about 3 hours before I have anything on my planned schedule. I do not set an alarm for this but I do make sure that I am in bed at a good hour so I get plenty of sleep and wake up on my own accord in the earlier hours. I don’t care for alarms, they are so jarring first thing in the morning; I rarely use one. At this point, there is a very little risk of my sleeping in for hours. My body habitually wakes up around the same time every day.

2. Upon waking, I drink one to two glasses of room temperature water, sometimes with a lemon. This gets my system going and hydrates me from a long night’s sleep. This is so important and easy for most of us to forget!

3. Coffee time is one of those sacred times for me. Don’t try to take my coffee away! I will do almost anything to make this one happen. For me, it’s not about the caffeine, I drink it because I love the taste of coffee and I truly look forward to it. As you can imagine this is not something I’m going to rush! I allow myself to sit as long as it takes to finish that first cup and I do nothing but think and enjoy every bit of it. I make sure to have no cell phone with me, no talking and preferably outside in the morning air. Many times I feel like we don’t give ourselves time to just think and this is the window I’ve carved for myself.

4. Next, I have a journal where I write down my daily intentions. These are personal self-care goals for my day, not a to-do list. My intentions will generally consist of my spiritual desires for that day, body care (which includes exercise) and also some health goals including my supplement regime. I may also include a podcast I want to listen to or a soothing bath I want to end my day with. I will be writing more on the specifics of my daily intentions in the near future, I’ve found them to be so helpful.

5. I am a deeply spiritual person and my time every morning consists of much prayer and meditation, encouraging reading such as, Savor by Shauna Neiquist or Journey to the Heart by Melody Beattie and much time reading my Bible. I need to remind myself of who I am and correct any negative thinking I may have about myself or life. I also choose this time to be a space where I lay my difficulties at God’s feet, knowing that I cannot handle these things on my own. We carry so much in this life and I know without this specific time in my day I can carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. How is that going to promote a peaceful and productive day?

6. My last ritual is my morning walk. Not only does this practice wear out my dogs but it is a time to think through all I have read earlier, listen to a podcast or just hear the birds singing. Every walk seems to be with a different intention in mind. Some days it is a fast walk, primarily for cardio exercise, or I may just want to experience the natural world around me so I go without any earphones and just meld into the day. Maybe the wind is blowing or there is a sprinkle or two, I like to enjoy it in the cool of the morning. Other days, I am learning from an audible book or podcast which is encouraging as well.

All of these rituals are so crucial for my mindset, my emotional outlook and my physical well being that I cannot miss even one. I am thankful for my mornings and for the way in which they prepare me for my day. It has taken me quite a while to find a good rhythm for my morning but now I look forward to getting up each day with such an encouraging routine in place.

What are your morning rituals?? I would love for you to share them with all of us! Every person is different and their needs and schedules are different so don’t compare yourself with others; just find what works for you. I love that we are all so unique and can learn from one another. Every season is different and you might need to shift your rituals with each season, thats completely normal. Just be open to change!

Hope you have all had a great morning. I did!

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