All about Strawberry Season

Strawberry season is upon us friends! Which means there will be plenty at your local farmers market. Strawberries are so nutrient dense, especially when grown without the use of GMO’s or pesticides. For me, it is absolutely worth it to buy these from a local farm that I trust. Nothing beats fresh, sweet berries directly from the farm, and they are so beneficial when it comes to hormone balance. They are a Lignan rich food which, without getting too “sciency” on you, is a compound that helps to remove bad estrogens from the body. The fiber in all berries, not just strawberries, is also vital in helping those bad estrogens leave the body through the digestive tract. They also are great Aromatase Inhibitors which really means they help the good hormones stay strong on their own and keep them from joining the bad hormones.

I was so fascinated when I first began to learn how all these foods can help your body balance itself naturally. I love talking with my friends and clients about how delicious foods, like strawberries, have unique properties to help nourish and heal their bodies internally. It gives me a new appreciation for each food as it comes in season. Make sure to enjoy plenty of strawberries this month at their peak freshness! Just one of the many things to look forward to about warmer weather. I always freeze some so I can still have the benefits in the cold of winter. Some ways I enjoy strawberries are: over my granola, in fruit water, added to a salad, in a smoothie or straight from the garden. Take advantage of the season and enjoy!

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