Balancing Hormones Naturally

This is such a passionate subject for me. I have many reasons that have spurred me on to research and devise a plan for myself as I was struggling with hormone imbalance, but I have one special reason in particular and here she is:
This is my sweet Mama!

Susan and her motherShe passed away November of 2016 from a 20 year battle with an estrogen dominant cancer. It represented itself in her breast 20 years back and then resurfaced about 7 years again on her bones. She had been taking synthetic hormones for a year before her original diagnosis. Dealing with cancer diagnosis with any family member is very difficult but with your parents there are so many emotions involved and then you inevitably end up wondering if that is going to be your story.

This led me to do my own research since my body mirrors my Mom’s as far as health goes. My weaknesses are very similar to hers. After watching her struggle through chemo and the sickness that followed, I knew for sure I had to get to the bottom of why we become estrogen dominant enough to get cancer.

With many years of research now under my belt, I have been implementing what I have learned into my own life and it has been a game changer for me. I can easily add specific foods and superfoods into my diet daily and have seen the results not only through bloodwork but have been symptom free when it comes to perimenopause/menopause.

I have had the greatest pleasure and opportunity to teach this to others and to see results in their life as well. I am grateful to those who have walked this journey with me. Not only bringing to light the memory of My Mama but also making some slight changes to their everyday routine to promote longevity and youthful living. I am all for that!!

If you need help in this area you can contact me for a free 15 minute phone consultation. I would be thrilled to be able to be of help in this way.

Here is to Health!


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