Herbal Remedies

Herbal Infusions

I would have to say that other than getting my Vitamin D3 levels regulated and in balance, nourishing herbal infusions have made the greatest impact on my energy and well being. The use of herbs is not as scary as some people might think. Master Herbalist, Sussan Weed, refers to herbs as “the people’s medicine.” Herbs give you the ability to manage your own health without having to get a paid prescription and without all the negative side affects. If you pay attention to how your body responds, each herb has a different quality and effect on the body.  Herbs are not just used as medicine…they are incredibly nourishing and restorative.  They feed our bodies and enhance our overall well being. Herbal traditions throughout the world have claimed that the herbal infusion is the main means to extract the nourishing and medicinal quality of herbs. When beginning, I started my regime with nettle infusions. This herbal infusion is one of the very first I recommend to clients.  Nettle leaf is a tonic herb (stimulates nutrition by giving strength to the tissues of the bodies organs).  It detoxifies the body by cleansing out the waste products in our tissues.  It is an excellent choice when dealing with seasonal allergies.  It has been known to diminish allergies within a year or two of drinking Nettle infusions on a regular basis.  The herb strengthens the urinary, digestive and respiratory systems.  It prevents uric acid build up in your joints which is helpful with […]