The Sown Life’s Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Happy Holidays! Here is a list of some of my favorite gifts and they are all items that I regularly use in my day to day life.   I managed to find Amazon links for everything in hopes that this will be helpful. I get many questions when it comes to items I recommend so hoping these links will make shopping much easier! I love easy online shopping so hopefully, you can take advantage of this list on cyber Monday. Enjoy!


Urbanfit exercise ball

I use my exercise ball at home all the time!! It’s great for a quick at home workout or stretching.  Try a plank on this ball! It’s a killer but super effective!


Himalayan salt lamp

Negative air ions reduce stress and enhance overall performance while increasing blood and oxygen supplies to the brain, making Himalayan salt lamps great at improving concentration. 

I keep one of these in both my work and home office. I love the light it gives off and it really helps for a calming space as well.


Marpac Ohm Noise Machine

I use these white noise machines in my practice to keep the noise levels down with adjoining businesses but I also have one next to my bed for sleepy time!!!  Most white noise machines are not calming to me but this one is exceptional. Try one out next to your bed or in the baby nursery. They are fantastic!!


Glass teapot

I have a tea kettle at home which we use everyday but I love the look of this glass one! So cute and great for drinking tea on a cold winter evening.


Vintage Tea cups 

I have a lot of vintage teacups at home that I’ve collected over the years. I found this beautiful set on Amazon. So great to add a little old world charm to your mug collection.


Vita-Mix Blender 

Boy, has this blender been true gem in my kitchen.  At first, I resisted the craze over these blenders a few years back but have since purchased one and I have not regretted it one bit.  This is the kind of item that might be on sale for black Friday or cyber Monday. If you’ve been holding off getting one for yourself or someone else, the holidays are the perfect time to find a deal!


Le Creuset Dutch oven

A dutch oven is definitely an investment but I own two and use them all the time.  Anytime I make soup, homemade beans, stews and also any type of braised meat, this is my “go-to”. Le Creuset is one of the best dutch ovens around in my opinion.  


Mortar and Pestle

I use my mortar and pestle for grinding up fresh herbs and spices. I also use it to make my homemade aioli, chimichurri or salsa verde as well. I sometimes like to use it to serve up sauces or guacamole as well.  You will be amazed at how many uses you will find for this stone mortar and pestle!


Wine decanter

I love the looks of this glass wine decanter. It is perfect for those bold red wines that need to sit out and mellow for a while. I especially like the wooden stopper just in case you have a little wine leftover. 


Weighted Blanket 

For some, sleep is such a difficulty. Anxiety can be the cause of lack of sleep for so many people and these weighted blankets have been proven to be very helpful. They provide extra weight which can encourage security and a safe feeling when trying to get to sleep. I think these blankets are such a good idea!


Extra large citrus press

I got this extra large countertop citrus press for my husband a couple of years ago and he loves it! He likes to use fresh juice in the cocktails he creates and this is the perfect juicer. I use it to squeeze the multiple lemons that I need for my Strawberry Basil Lemonade. It releases so much more juice than a handheld one. 


Glass pantry jars

I just went through my pantry and reorganized it. Glass jars like these are perfect storage options. Being able to see what is in each container is so helpful. 


Mrs. Meyers dish soap

I like to cut down on as many toxins my body is exposed to as possible which means I try to use cleaner products that are not filled with chemicals.  Mrs. Meyers is one of my favorites because I really enjoy using scented products and I love their holiday scents!


Glass soap dispenser

I have found that I really like the look of plain glass dispensers for dish and hand soap. It cuts down on all the “noise” from branding and makes for a cleaner look on my counter. 


Kyocera Ceramic Chef’s knife

I love this knife! I have several different sizes and they are the only knives I use.  If you struggle with big and heavy stainless steel knives then these are for you. They stay sharp and are so light in your hands. Great as a stocking stuffer as well. 


Large Walnut Cutting board

I have a large wooden cutting board similar to this one and I use it every day!  It also doubles as a charcuterie board when I am having a gathering. This one is absolutely beautiful! You can leave it out on the counter all the time!


Cast Iron Skillet

I love my cast iron skillets. They are my favorite when it comes to frittatas, omelettes, cornbread and any savory dish that needs to go in the oven.  If you’ve never used one before now is the time to start! Once they are seasoned they will be your favorite skillet.  


Olive Oil from (OOTR)

This is not from Amazon but if you are local to Richmond, VA then olive oil from Olive Oil Taproom makes a fantastic Christmas gift. Fresh, delicious olive oil and balsamic vinegar is always welcome!  I am such a fan of OOTR because everything they sell is so fresh. Go visit Shauna and Cody. They are so helpful and tell them I sent you!!!

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