My food journey- Part 1: “Why I Eat The Way I Eat”

Every day I need food to sustain my body and energy levels. For such a long time I spent each day worrying about the amount of food I was eating instead of the kind of food I was eating. I was depleting my body instead of nourishing it just so I could maintain a certain weight.

After many a health crisis, I came to the conclusion that skinny did not mean healthy and that the only way to fully heal my body was through nourishing foods. My body was made to be strong and has its own individual needs that needed to be met. I no longer could compare myself with someone else and needed to head out on a journey of my own that would include health but also peace with my choices. I had not been living with peace for a long time.

As I started studying the body I realized that food had all I needed to fill in the nutritional gaps I was neglecting. I also realized that not all food was created equal. I was consuming vegetables that were being grown in depleted soil and being sprayed with chemicals to keep the bugs away. Also, I realized that the food industry was more concerned with money making than really nourishing the people they were feeding.

At the time I was living in California and would walk to farmer’s market every Wednesday night and purchase from a handful of farmers who put their heart and soul into their small farms. The produce I purchased had been picked that morning and the flavor was nothing I had ever tasted before. Grown in naturally nourished soil with lots of love, care and sunshine, this food was exceptional! I was eating organic food for the first time. I also knew who grew my food and it was as fresh as I could get it unless I grew it myself.

I started to see a difference in my digestion and also my energy levels. I could feel a surge of energy from inside that I had not experienced before. I knew this was the first step for me on my road to nourishment and caring for myself. Good food was my friend and I needed to remember that!

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