Avocado Crema

I think you can find a picture of an avocado on any health and wellness blog or Instagram. They are such a superfood!! There were so many years with excessive warnings about eating too many avocados due to their high fat content.  I am so glad those days are over!!  Avocado has healthy fat which is primary in reversing insulin resistance. They also contain a monounsaturated fat which is imperative for memory and brain health.  They have more potassium than a banana and are high in B & C vitamins. That is only the beginning when it comes to their health benefits.

Avocados are part of my weekly diet and this recipe for avocado crema came to me in a moment of panic.  We were having some friends over and I was supposed to make an appetizer.  I had worked a little later than anticipated and only had a few minutes to come up with something.  Well, this was it!! I had no idea how it would turn out but it got eaten really quickly and so now it is a family favorite!  It is great as a dip for vegetables or tortilla chips and my favorite topping for any kind of taco or Mexican food!



2 Avocados (scooped out)

8 oz. plain yogurt

1 handful of cilantro

2 TBS. taco seasoning (I use Bold Taco from Penzey’s or Frontier)

salt to taste (if using unsalted taco seasoning)

a squeeze of lime



1.Put all ingredients in a blender.

2.Blend until creamy.

3.Can store in fridge for up to 4 days.  To keep from browning on the top, put a piece of plastic wrap or parchment paper directly on top of the crema and then put lid on top of container.


So easy and yummy!!  Give it a try!