This Saurkraut recipe is such a satisfying side with grilled chicken or some kind of roast. Something about the flavor helps to round out the meal and make you feel full. Its also make from cabbage which is a cruciferous vegetable that can help improve digestion with the fiber it offers and also balances hormone levels. The probiotics in this recipe work to elevate the good hormones in your body. Besides that, it is an incredible asset in preventing cancer and can actually decrease cancer risk by removing toxins (xeno-estrogens) from the body. I try to find ways to incorporate fermented food into my diet and this is a great way to do so. It’s so good for your overall gut health.

A little side note: If you choose to strain the whey when making my homemade yogurt, this is the perfect use for it. If you don’t have whey then water also does the trick. This recipe and the yogurt are perfect to make in the same week. Enjoy making these fermented foods and pay attention to how it makes your tummy feel. It has definitely helped me. Happy eating!


Fresh Organic cabbage, 1 medium/large head

1/2 cup of whey from organic yogurt and (or) filtered, lightly salted water

2 TBS Salt (kosher or sea salt, non-iodized)

A bowl

Mandolin (optional)

A potato masher or similar tool

A large jar for fermenting with a lid

A small ziploc bag



1. Slice your cabbage into thin pieces or shreds. (you can use a mandolin if you choose or just chop with a good knife)

2. Mix your cabbage in the bowl with sea salt.

3. Use the potato masher and smash the cabbage to break it up and release the juices. Do this for 10-30 minutes.


4.  Spoon the kraut mixture into a large jar packing it in tightly, you will want to only fill it 3/4 of the way full. 

5. Then pour in whey and (or) some filtered water until the cabbage is covered. (If you don’t have a full 1/2 cup of whey just mix it with a little water.)


6. Fill the small ziploc bag with water and use it to weigh down the cabbage inside the top of the jar. Open the bag and fold it over the edge of the jar and then screw on the lid making sure all the cabbage is safely submerged under the brine. Don’t tighten the lid too much as some air will need to escape, and place a plate under the jar in case any brine overflows. 

7. Place the jar in a dark place between 64-70 degrees and let it ferment until you are happy with the flavor, 5 days is a good average.