Healthy Tips

All About Healthy Fats

I am a big believer in a diet high in healthy fats, I know that our bodies do so much better when we fuel from fat instead of processed sugar found in much of the bread, rice and snacks here in the US. Our bodies simply do not know what do...

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Should I Soak My Grains, Beans And Legumes?

This is a very discussed topic these days and you can find varying opinions on whether this is a good practice or not. We have been soaking beans for as long as I can remember so that they would soften easier but I had never heard of the soaking, fermenting and sprouting process...

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Homemade Almond Milk

Unfortunately for me, I have difficulty consuming cow dairy. I don’t seem to have gut disturbances but I will be clearing my throat continually after the consumption of a cracker smothered in melty brie or a bowl of my favorite ice cream. This gets annoying to anyone who is hanging...

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